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Jonas Rapp edited this page Nov 11, 2022 · 12 revisions

Why "XTB"? This started from what I needed for the XrmToolBox tools, but it has been growing into separate features, see below!

Rappen's Shared Projects


This is a C# Shared Project with various CRMSDK addons, helper classes and extensions methods to work smoothly with Microsoft Dataverse SDK.

It is adding extensions to IOrganizationService of both Entity (Table) and Attribute (Column) and all Metadata.

Also PluginBase is added too, and a CanaryTrace, serializations etc.


The methods called XrmSubstituter has been renamed to Tokens in this new shared project, available from 2022-11-10.

This is a C# Shared Project with one goal being to replace "XRM Tokens" text into the actual data.

It has recently added the Power Fx formulas, into, mixed with, together with, the XRM Tokens. Read more in my docs to see what you can do!

With Power Fx it needs a bit more assemblies (read about which in XRM Tokens) and that is why it is now in a new shared project.


This is a C# Shared Project with various WinForm UI controls, helper classes and extention methods to work smoothly with Microsoft Dataverse SDK.

I try to make the controls as 'just like controls' as TextBox, CheckBox, ComboBox etc, only with a few added properties, methods and events to add Dataverse features.



How To Use It


How to add the submodule.


Sample Code

Check out repo Rappen.XTB.Helper.Tester for a complete sample project using all controls.



Read all about Controls.


XRM Tokens

Read all links and info about XRM Tokens (renamed from XrmSubstituter on 2022-11-10).



This project stems from tools and snippets collected over a number of years. Some of the controls have been inherited/migrated from the xrmtb.XrmToolBox.Controls project created and maintained by @jamesnovak. This was partially in turn inherited/migrated from CRMWinForm by @rappen.