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<title>Cors testing app</title>
<style>body { font-family: sans-serif; }</style>
<h1>Cors testing</h1>
<p><b>See <a href=""></a> to run
the test in your browser.</b></p>
<p>Make cors requests to <code></code>. They will respond
with <code>{"status":"ok"}</code>.</p>
<p>If you include an <code>Origin</code> header, it will be echoed in the
<code>Access-Control-Allow-Origin</code> response, otherwise <code>*</code> is used.</p>
<p>If you include any <code>Access-Control-Request-Headers</code>, they will be echoed in an
<code>Access-Control-Allow-Headers</code> response.</p>
<p>If you include any <code>Access-Control-Request-Method</code>, it will be echoed in an
<code>Access-Control-Allow-Method</code> response.</p>
<p>For testing purposes, we also always send: <code>Access-Control-Max-Age: 0</code>, and
<code>Set-Cookie: test=test</code>.
<p>For more information about CORS see <a
and <a href=""></a>.</p>
<p>Code at <a
href=""></a>, contact <a href=""/></a></p>
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