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39 lines (26 sloc) 1.342 kb do |gem| = 'deferrable_gratification'
gem.version = '0.3.1'
gem.summary = 'Makes evented programming easier with composition and abstraction.'
gem.description = <<-DESC
Deferrable Gratification (DG) facilitates asynchronous programming in Ruby, by helping create abstractions around complex operations built up from simpler ones. It helps make asynchronous code less error-prone and easier to compose. It also provides some enhancements to the Deferrable API.
Features include:
* fluent (aka chainable) syntax for registering multiple callbacks and errbacks to the same Deferrable.
* a #bothback method for registering code to run on either success or failure.
* a combinator library for building up complex asynchronous operations out of simpler ones.
gem.authors = ['Sam Stokes'] = %w(
gem.homepage = ''
gem.license = 'MIT'
gem.required_ruby_version = '>= 1.8.7'
gem.add_dependency 'eventmachine'
gem.add_development_dependency 'rake'
gem.add_development_dependency 'yard'
gem.add_development_dependency 'bluecloth'
gem.add_development_dependency 'rspec', '>= 2.3.0'
gem.files = Dir[*%w(
README*)] & %x{git ls-files -z}.split("\0")
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