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Git Bits

These are utilities for working with git, including some higher-level commands to support certain workflows.

They rely on Git's behaviour of hooking into your PATH and turning any command git-foo into a git subcommand git foo.

They are largely undocumented and unsupported right now, so YMMV. Happy to discuss them - Github-message me.


Shows a graph of all branches that have been merged into beta, but not into master.


Shows a graph of branch points, merges and tagged commits. (See also git clarity -h.)


Shortcut for using git difftool to view the changes in a single commit.




Merges a feature branch into the current branch, then deletes the feature branch.


Remove all the "bad whitespace" (as defined by git) from your uncommitted changes.


Given the name of a feature branch, builds a beautifully syntax-highlit PDF file containing all commits on that feature branch since it diverged from master, and also shows the full text of all source files touched somewhere in the branch. Useful for doing code reviews on a mobile device, e.g. iPad.




Uses git difftool to review, one commit at a time, all commits in a specified range. Goes through the commits in the order you'd expect (i.e. parents precede children).


Safer, saner alternative to git reset. Takes the same arguments and options, but adds saner semantics: for example, --hard prompts you if it would lose changes.

This is mostly for use in aliases: some of git reset's behaviour is too verbose to type often, but too dangerous to be easy to type, so this gives you something that's safe to alias to something short.


If you have a pointer to the last commit on a topic branch, topic-merge will find the merge commit that integrated that topic branch into an integration branch.


If you have a pointer to the last commit on a topic branch, topic-base will find the commit on which the branch was based. This is not the merge base in the case that you have merged the topic into the integration branch before. (for limitations, see git-topic-base -h)


Removes the previous commit, without changing the working tree. Can accept filenames to remove the changes to those files from the previous commit, or -p to use the interactive mode of git-checkout to choose which diffs to remove.