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Monitor Heroku Errors in CloudWatch

This is a web hook designed to receive Heroku platform errors from a logging service such as Papertrail and log them to Amazon CloudWatch so you can monitor and graph the number of occurrences of each type of error over time.


Tested under Ruby 1.9.2.

You'll need to configure it with three environment variables:

  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID - your AWS access key ID (20 characters starting with "AK")
  • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY - your AWS secret access key
  • CLOUDWATCH_NAMESPACE - namespace for the metrics, e.g. your company or product name (will default to "Test" if you omit this)

If you don't like the idea of a little analytics app having access to your AWS account, I suggest using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to generate a restricted user with permissions only to access CloudWatch.

Running locally

To test this hook locally:

gem install bundler foreman
bundle install
echo AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=[your AWS access key ID] > .env
echo AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=[your AWS secret access key] > .env
echo CLOUDWATCH_NAMESPACE=[optional namespace || 'Test'] > .env
foreman start


This runs nicely on Heroku's Cedar stack:

heroku create --stack cedar
heroku config:add AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=[your AWS access key ID]
heroku config:add AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=[your AWS secret access key]
heroku config:add CLOUDWATCH_NAMESPACE=[optional namespace || 'Test']
git push heroku master

Then the web hook URL is

Log input format

The web hook expects to receive POST requests to '/' in the format described here.

It assumes it will only be sent Heroku error messages, which look like this:

Error H12 (Request timeout) -> GET dyno=web.13 queue= wait= service=30000ms status=503 bytes=0

If instead you simply send it all your logs, it will treat log entries not in this format as unclassified errors, so you will see a large number of errors with error code "other".

If you're triggering this hook from a Papertrail search alert, a search pattern such as heroku/router Error "->" is restrictive enough to catch the right log entries.

CloudWatch output

The web hook will aggregate errors by Heroku error code and log them as CloudWatch custom metrics. You can then use the CloudWatch console to produce graphs like this:

Example error graph in CloudWatch console