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commit e5f463f064b4523c558cbf21da589b48cd184fc4 1 parent ca86bcc
Martin Kleppmann authored February 08, 2011

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@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ Your server and URL
80 80
 Your Raplet runs on your own server. You may use any programming language, and any hosting provider
81 81
 (or even a server on your local network or your local machine, provided that your browser can access
82 82
 it by HTTP). If you need to identify individual users, you can use cookies or the [configuration
-protocol](#configuration_protocol). If your data is publicly accessible, you don't need authentication.
+protocol](#the_configuration_protocol). If your data is publicly accessible, you don't need authentication.
84 84
85 85
 In this example, let's say you are developing the Raplet on your local machine, and you are
86 86
 serving it at the following URL: `http://localhost:8080/raplet.php`
@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ Any valid URL is fine, with the following restrictions:
96 96
97 97
 * If you have a multi-user system, all users should be able to access your data via the same URL;
98 98
   you should distinguish users through cookies or query parameters (see the section on the
-  [configuration protocol](#configuration_protocol)). This is particularly relevant if your
+  [configuration protocol](#the_configuration_protocol)). This is particularly relevant if your
100 100
   application uses subdomains like ``; you unfortunately cannot
101 101
   use different subdomains in different users' Raplet URLs.
102 102

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