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=== 0.2.2 / 2010/10/18
* Allow specifying the read_timeout to pass through to Net::HTTP.
There are a few reasons why you might want to do this. One is that
Net::HTTP's read_timeout is implemented using timeout.rb, which is known
to have race conditions, and in particular is unsafe to use in
EventMachine (because it can sometimes throw exceptions in the main
event loop and kill the whole process); so this lets you disable the
timeout entirely.
* Ruby 1.9 compatibility tweak (thanks to Justin Ip)
=== 0.2.1 / 2010/04/27
* If unexpected response code, exception should include diagnostic info
=== 0.2.0 / 2010/04/24
* Support Person API lookup by site profile (e.g. Twitter username) for API v3.
=== 0.1.7 / 2010-04-14
* URLencode email addresses before sending them to Rapleaf.
* Remove workaround for mistakenly diagnosed problem (thought Rapleaf rejected emails containing '+', they just required encoding).
* Use existing PersonEmailHashNotFound exception for 404 when looking up by hash
* removed NotFound class added in 0.1.6
=== 0.1.6 / 2010-03-04
* Modified by Sam Stokes
* Support for Rapleaf Person API v3 (which is now the default)
* Work around Rapleaf bug: they think email addresses containing '+' are malformed, so for those we send them hashes instead.
=== 0.1.5 / 2008-08-28
* Original version by Glenn Rempe, with support for Rapleaf Person API v2