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Pico RISCV32 tailored for the DE10-Lite
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Pico RISCV32 for the DE10-Lite (MAX10 based)

  • CPU @ 64 MHz, according to the summary report it should go up to 105 MHz
  • UART: Pin 4 is TX (Output), Pin 6 is RX (Input)
  • 2 Resettable Timers
  • Minimal GPIO
  • 64 k RAM with bootloader (serial loading)
  • KEY0 acts as reset button.

SignalTap is active in the project, you may have to disable it, just remove all referencies to it from prv32_top.qsf. Internal RAM reduced to 64 kbytes because SignalTap needs some RAM too. Reconfigure iram.qip to 128 k.

The UART is configured for 1 MBit. Intel Hex downloading seems to work well, I tried with the simple user_app that is in the firmware directory.

ToDo in no particular order:

A next step would be to get that DMA Audio bit working. SDRAM, the board has 64 MBytes of it, I want it working ! VGA Output in text of graphical form. A better bootloader, with write-protection to survive ill-behaving code.

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