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Raptor is a multiplatform chess interface for (aka FICS).
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Offical Raptor Open Source Project Site

Raptor is a multiplatform chess interface for (aka FICS).

Downloads: (Requires Java JRE 6+ 64 bit)

Release 1.0 Features

Currently I am working on release 1.0. Features include:

  • Bundled stockfish 6.
  • Makeover of Chess Analysis tab. Now shows best 5 moves.
  • Makeover of the Bughouse tabs.
  • Timeseal 2
  • Lots of bug fixes. (including the elusive timeseal bug).
  • Removal of features that nobody ever used.
  • Tweaks that I have been meaning to do for the last few years.
  • Inclusion of all chess sets in the expansion pack.
  • Added more chess square backgrounds.

Move to github

Raptor has recently moved from google code to github. If you are a former contributor please let cday know your github user id on fics and I will gladly add you to the project.

Contributors needed

Raptor is in need of some contributors in the following areas. If you would like to help contact cday on fics. Currently the project needs:

  • Linux package created.
  • Windows installer created.
  • Language translation.



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