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Tutorial for Raptorbox - an open-source lightweight IoT platform


Raptor (Check the Getting Started to set it up)


  1. Download the project.
  2. Build the maven project by running “mvn clean package” in root folder
  3. Replace username, password here with the one you created with Raptor (mentioned in pre-requisites).
  4. Run Raptor in case of local instance, otherwise change the url in the above mentioned file to the one where your raptor instance is running.
  5. Run RaptorTutorial. It includes some simple functionality like login, creating device, stream and channel, updating them, pushing, pulling and droping data (records) of device etc. The id of the device created here will be used later for running the client.
  6. In order to subscribes and get updates of device, replace the device id here with the one you created above or with your desired one.
  7. Run the Client.