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This modules enabled AMD in the web browser when using RaptorJS 3 by bridging the RaptorJS 3 CommonJS Module Loader with an AMD module loader.


When the code for this module is included on the page, a global require variable and a global define variable are added to the page support AMD. Internally, this module uses a bridge to the RaptorJS CommonJS module loader. This allows an AMD module to be required by a CommonJS module and vice-versa.


npm install raptor-amd --save


This module can be enabled on the page by either requiring the module:


Alternatively, you can add the following dependency to your page's optimizer.json:

    "dependencies": [

If you decide to add the "raptor-amd/optimizer.json" dependency to your optimizer.json then it is not necessary to require the module.


// Define a module named "foo" that exports an object with a name property:
define('foo', function(require, exports, module) { = 'Foo!';

// Dependencies can be added to an array or pulled in using require:
define('bar', ['baz'], function(baz, require, exports, module) {
    var foo = require('foo');
    // Do something with foo...

// You can also use the global require to load the "foo" module:
var foo = require('foo');