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Tic-tac-toe Game

##General Description

This was my first project as a web developer, so it's a little rough around the edges. This is a two-player tic-tac-toe game. It has a chalkboard design theme, using a chalkboard font and a tally font to mark the score. It uses a table as it's main user interface, and a message board for registration/login/game complete messaging.

#Technologies used I used JavaScript and jQuery to write the code for this project. JavaScript made most of the game logic run, and I used jQuery to make the display interactive. I used HTML and CSS to display the game.

We were given pre-written API to use for the backend, and some functions to use to communicate it via AJAX. I modified those functions to translate my game logic into something that the API would understand.

#Approach taken I designed all the HTML/CSS before beginning to write the game logic. I tried to take small steps and make those appear on the page before moving on. For example, my first goal was to make an X appear when I clicked on my table. When that worked, I tried to get it to switch between X and O. Then I wrote some code to store those X's and O's in an object.

#Things to work on I would have liked to work more on separation of concerns for this project. Separating my jQuery from the rest of the game logic was really difficult for me. Also, I'd like to work on not having so many global variables. Improving my CSS skills would also make this project better - I would especially like to fix the problem with mobile that the background doesn't extend to the bottom of the screen. I would really love to add writing animation to the fonts when x's and o's are placed in the board.

#Link to Website http://raq929.github.io/tic-tac-toe

#Link to User Stories and Wireframe https://github.com/raq929/tic-tac-toe/tree/master/pictures