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Ryan's dotfiles.

These are my dotfiles for the zsh shell using oh-my-zsh.

mathias's readme is awesome. go read it.

This is a fork of Paul Irish's dotfiles, which is a fork of mathias's. However, since I'm using zsh and not bash, I've removed quite a few dotfiles.

Dependancies and Niceties

Some dependancies and features that are nice to have are captured in which adds homebrew, z, nave, etc. Run at your leisure.

Syntax highlighting

…is really important. even for these files.

Install Dotfiles Syntax Highlighting via Sublime Text 2 Package Control

Sensible OS X defaults

When setting up a new Mac, you may want to set some sensible OS X defaults:


Overview of files

automatic config

  • .ackrc - for ack (better than grep)

shell environement

  • .aliases
  • .zshrc
  • .exports
  • .functions

manual run

  • - random apps
  • .osx - run on a fresh osx machine
  • .brew - homebrew intialization


  • .git
  • .gitattributes
  • .gitconfig - global config, including aliases
  • .gitignore - global gitignore


  • hipster.zsh-theme - yeah, it's not a dotfile


git clone && cd dotfiles && ./

To update later on, just run the sync again.