Coffeescript unit test framework for node and the browser heavily inspired by Ruby's Test::Unit.
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Janitor lets you write unit tests in Coffeescript that resemble tests written with Ruby's Test::Unit. You can use it with node or in the browser.

Why use janitor?

  • Because you, like me, like the simplicity of Ruby's Test::Unit and want to work the same way in Coffeescript.
  • Because you like having the ability to test asynchronous code without being required to call @complete() in each of your synchronous tests.

In the browser

Get the most recent dist file and include it on your test page. Define your tests like so:

class window.UserTest extends Janitor.TestCase
  'test mood': ->
    user = new User mood: 'happy'
    @assert user.isHappy()

Then, run your tests like this:

runner = new Janitor.BrowserRunner el: document.getElementById('js_test_results')

Test results will now be outputted to the #js_test_results element.

In node

Add the following to your Cakefile (read more about Cakefiles).

task 'test', 'Run test suite', ->
  Janitor = require 'janitor'
  runner = new Janitor.NodeRunner { dir: __dirname + '/test' }

Run cake test to see test results in the terminal.


Janitor supports setup (and teardown):

MyLib = require '../.'

module.exports = class extends Janitor.TestCase
  setup: ->
    @obj = new MyLib
  'test something': ->
    @assert @obj.allIsWell()
  'test something': ->
    @assert @obj.everythingOk()

You can also test asynchronously by using async test prefix instead of test:

module.exports = class extends Janitor.TestCase
  'async test something': ->
    obj = new MyLib
    obj.doSomething =>
      @assert obj.allIsWell()