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This repository accompanies the SCF 2019 paper "Volumetric Michell Trusses for Parametric Design & Fabrication".

The code takes in as input a) a 3D tetrahedral mesh, and b) Dirichlet (fixed points) and Neumann (static loads) boundary conditions, and produces a 3D truss structure whose elements follow the stress field induced by the given boundary conditions.

The solution involves solving for a global R3-valued parametrization on the input mesh, whose isolines are traced to generate the resulting truss. In effect, it means that the truss is composed of end-to-end curves from three mutually-orthogonal familes of curves. Please look at the paper for details. or watch the SCF 2019 presentation:

Installation and dependencies

Simply clone the repository to install.

git clone

The provided MATLAB code depends on the following packages.

  1. GAUSS
  2. gptoolbox
  3. MATLAB. We have primarily tested with the versions R2018a and R2018b.

The code has been tested on Windows with MSVC2015 and MSVC2017 and on Mac OS with clang.


This code is available under the MIT license.


Please see exampleUsage.m for example usage. Use batchResults.m to generate all the results provided in the paper.


If you utilize this code or dataset for a publication, please cite

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 and Mueller, Caitlin and Matusik, Wojciech and Shamir, Ariel and 
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Source code for the paper "Volumetric Michell Trusses for Parametric Design and Fabrication" published at SCF 2019.





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