Downloads and install TextPad and related add-ons
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Downloadsand install TextPad, and many of the freeware add-ons available at

textpad_installer looks in the directory where textpad_installer.exe is for any files it needs before attempting to download them. If it does download a file, it will attempt to save a copy of the file in a directory below the directory where textpad_installer.exe was found in.

The add-ons will be installed in the C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\TextPad directory. Any add-ons with the same name in this directory will be overwritten without warning.

Please note, if you select 'All', some add-ons have the same filenames as other add-ons, so the one listed later, will overwrite the one listed earlier.

If you use the /S option, the installer will re-install TextPad, even if it's already installed.


textpad_installer [options]

/S         Install the application silently with the default options selected
/D=path    Install into the directory 'path' (default is
/INSTYPE n Where n is a number between 0 and 3:
           0: TextPad 32-bit Only (Default)
           1: TextPad 64-bit Only
           2: All Add-Ons Only (TextPad should already be installed)
           3: TextPad 32-bit + All Add-Ons
           4: TextPad 64-bit + All Add-Ons
           5: None

Verify a Release

To verify a release, download the .zip, .sha256, and .asc files for the release (replacing with the release you are verifying):

$ wget{,.sha256,.asc}

Next, check that sha256sum reports "OK":

$ sha256sum -c OK

Lastly, check that GPG reports "Good signature":

$ gpg --keyserver --recv-key 0x105a5225b6ab4b22
$ gpg --verify
gpg:                using RSA key 0xFF914F74B4BB6EF3
gpg: Good signature from "Ross Smith II <>" [ultimate]


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This project is MIT licensed.


This project was created and is maintained by Ross Smith II endorse

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