Open source machine learning tools for developers to create contextual AI assistants and chatbots that go beyond answering simple questions

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  1. rasa_nlu

    💬 Open source library for natural language understanding with intent classification and entity extraction - DIY NLP for chatbots

    Python 4.3k 1.3k

  2. rasa_core

    🤖 Open source chatbot framework with machine learning-based dialogue management - Build contextual AI assistants

    Python 1.4k 735

  3. starter-pack-rasa-stack

    🎒Everything you need to build your first contextual chatbot with the open source Rasa Stack - includes files and training data

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  4. rasa-demo

    🐯 Sara - the Rasa Demo Bot: An example of a contextual AI assistant built with the open source Rasa Stack

    Python 64 53

  5. rasa_core_sdk

    SDK for the development of custom actions for Rasa Core

    Python 25 16