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# Sebastian Raschka, 2014
# Creating a new SQLite database
import sqlite3
sqlite_file = 'my_first_db.sqlite' # name of the sqlite database file
table_name1 = 'my_table_1' # name of the table to be created
table_name2 = 'my_table_2' # name of the table to be created
new_field = 'my_1st_column' # name of the column
field_type = 'INTEGER' # column data type
# Connecting to the database file
conn = sqlite3.connect(sqlite_file)
c = conn.cursor()
# Creating a new SQLite table with 1 column
c.execute('CREATE TABLE {tn} ({nf} {ft})'\
.format(tn=table_name1, nf=new_field, ft=field_type))
# Creating a second table with 1 column and set it as PRIMARY KEY
# note that PRIMARY KEY column must consist of unique values!
c.execute('CREATE TABLE {tn} ({nf} {ft} PRIMARY KEY)'\
.format(tn=table_name2, nf=new_field, ft=field_type))
# Committing changes and closing the connection to the database file