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Ever wanted to allow access to a certain page only to verified users, but without the hassle of registration?

This apps lets you verify an email, and then grant access to a certain view.

Sample usage:

def restricted_view(request, email):

The email parameter will be added to the kwargs by the decorator. It will hold the verified email address or None if no email has been verified yet.

The first time someone tries to access restricted_view it should display VerifyEmailForm which on POST will send the user an email with a link to access the page.

A granted permission can have an expiration period and be available only once. You can achieve this by passing arguments to the decorator:

  • expiration_period: the period for which a mailed link is valid. It should be a timedelta or None for no expiration. Default: timedelta(weeks=1)
  • expires_on_usage: defines if the maild link expires on first usage. Default: False

You can also delegate the responsability of displaying the VerifyEmailForm and a thank you message to another view. For example:

from django.views.generic.edit import FormView
from verify_email.forms import VerifyEmailForm

class VerifyEmailView(FormView):
   form_class = VerifyEmailForm
   template_name = 'verify_email/form.html'
   success_url = 'verify_email/thank_you.html'

def restricted_view(request, email):

You can find VerifyEmailView in verify_email.views. You also should override the default template and subject for the email. You can achieve this by setting verification_template and verification_subject, or by overriding get_verification_template() and get_verification_subject().

I'm planning on adding support for sessions, so we can keep track of the verifications. I'll implement this for the next release:

  • session_store: the email get's stored in the session for later use on the same or other restricted views. Default False