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Email Notification (Percolate) #110

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chidokato Burdens Richard Pijnenburg Rashid Khan agarci40 Christian Wolfe Andrej Olejník

You have done a great work on Kibana and I love to use it. The feature that I think it'll be useful for user is Email Notification. I use Elasticsearch for logging, so I want to check how many message met my condition I received, it reach the threshold or not.
So please consider adding this feature If you find it useful for user.

Thanks you so much!


I second this request ... most desirable function currently missing.


I assume linking this in .. .. is what is required .... My programming is still extremely BASIC .... so I do not think I will be able to figure out this myself for a LONG time.

Richard Pijnenburg

I think this is kinda connected to Saved searches...
Being able to define a query and have a small daemon running executing that query and if it returns something, or the count is higher then expected send an email or something.

Rashid Khan

I'm not sure Kibana is the layer to do this on. You might be better off using statsd/graphite and alerting on that. I'll leave this open because I feel its valuable, but if its something you need soonly Kibana isn't really architected for this sort of thing. Thats not to say it won't fit at some point though.


I started working on something like electrical described, but I found that the amount of work involved would be too much for me. For now I am going to simply write a cron script that communicates directly with elasticsearch and does the necessary matching, formatting, e-mailing. If someone can think of a better way of doing this, I would appreciate it.

Christian Wolfe

In know that Kibana doesn't necessarily require the use of logstash, but if you do use logstash, it has the ability to send emails out based on variety of criteria. That seems like the best layer to perform this at.

Andrej Olejník

Use Kibana as Monitoring UI

Kibana as UI:

  • define monitoring alerts - query (saved searches) + query/dashboard after alert raised (optional) + raise conditions + check periodicity + alert action
  • investigate incident after alert (query or query/dashboard after alert raised) - technically link to Kibana's query/dashboard with parameters (fe. time of alert)

Monitoring daemon:

  • read and execute stored searches, check raise conditions and raise alert (email, other connected service)
  • information in raised alert include link to query or query after alert raised/dashboard

Main idea is that monitoring checking query should be very simple to check raise conditions and easy to process in small time intervals.

Query after alert can be more complex and can include histogram or whole dashboard information.
It can be very effective to investigate problem in time of alert.

hints: Loggly, AppDynamics

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