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Portable Linux/Mac tool for Retroactive 64drive
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g64drive - a Linux/Mac tool for operating 64drive by Retroactive

Installation (binary)

g64drive ships as a static binary on both Linux and macOS, with no additional dependencies required. Just download it and put it in your PATH (eg: /usr/local/bin):

Installation (source)

Make sure you have:

  • Go 1.12 or newer
  • libftdi1-dev

installed on your system. Then, to download and build g64drive from source code, simply run:

    $ GO111MODULE=on go build

Usage quicksheet

Make sure you can reach your 64drive:

    $ g64drive list -v
    Found 1 64drive device(s):
    * 0: Retroactive 64drive USB device (serial: RA3B53SW)
      -> Hardware: HW2 (Rev B), Firmware: 2.05

Upload a ROM to the CARTROM bank (with byteswap and CIC type autodetection):

    $ g64drive upload myrom.v64 -v
    64drive serial: RA3B53SW
    upload bank: BankCARTROM
    byteswap: 2
    size: 33554432
    offset: 0
    myrom.z64 100% |████████████████████████████████████████|  [1s:0s]
    Autoset CIC type: CIC6102

Download data from the CARTROM bank:

    $ g64drive download myrom.v64 -v --size 32M
    64drive serial: RA3B53SW
    download bank: BankCARTROM
    byteswap: 0
    size: 33554432
    offset: 0
    myrom.z64 100% |████████████████████████████████████████|  [1s:0s]

See firmware pack information:

    $ g64drive firmware info 64drive_firm_hw2_205.rpk
    Key                | Value
    Copyright          | (c) 2018 Retroactive LLC
    Date               | 2018-01-04
    File               | firmware.bin
    Type               | Firmware
    Product            | 64drive
    Device             | EP4CE10F17
    Device Magic       | UDEV
    Device Variant     | B
    Content Version    | 2.05
    Prerequisites      |
    Content Note       | Adds support for USB communication from N64, rewritable UFLC
                       | boards.
    Content Changes    | 1. Block-based USB communication pipe is now implemented,
                       | see Hardware Spec
                       | 2. Added standalone commands to allow read/write of UFLC
                       | boards intended for UltraHDMI upgrade distribution
    Content Errata     |
    Content Extra      |

Upgrade firmware:

    $ g64drive firmware upgrade 64drive_firm_hw2_205.rpk
    Ready to upgrade 64drive (serial RA3B53SW)
    Current firmware: 2.04
    New firmware 2.05 (2018-01-04) - Adds support for USB communication from N64, rewritable UFLC boards.
    Do you want to proceed (Y/N):y
    Finished 100% |████████████████████████████████████████|  [23s:0s]
    Firmware upgraded correctly -- power-cycle your 64drive unit


  • Support 64drive HW1 and HW2
  • Upload and download data from any available bank
  • Transparent byteswapping (with autodetection from ROM header)
  • Transparent CIC detection when uploading a ROM, or later at any time
  • Can specify sizes and offsets in decimal, hex, or even kilobytes/megabytes
  • Firmware upgrades (flashing .rpk file as distributed by Retroactive)
  • CTRL+C clean shutdown during upload/download -- don't need to power-cycle 64drive after it
  • Shipped as static binary, very easy to install on any Linux and macOS system

What's missing:

  • Standalone mode


Please file an issue on GitHub.

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