Julia simulation environment for Globally optimal base station clustering in interference alignment-based multicell networks (IEEE SPL 2016).
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OptimalBaseStationClustering.jl is the simulation environment for

R. Brandt, R. Mochaourab and M. Bengtsson, "Globally optimal base station clustering in interference alignment-based multicell networks", IEEE Signal Processing Letters, vol. 23, no. 4, pages 512–516, 2016.

It provides all the simulation code and scripts required to reproduce the figures from the papers.

Installation and Usage

  1. Install the Julia runtime.
  2. Start the Julia REPL and clone the package by calling Pkg.clone("https://github.com/rasmusbrandt/OptimalBaseStationClustering.jl").
  3. From the terminal, run the corresponding batch scripts in the batch subdirectory.
  4. When the run has finished, the plots in the paper can be generated by calling the appropriate plot scripts.

The scripts in the root directory can be used for exploratory simulations.

SPL paper results

The results in the SPL paper are available in the batch/spl subdirectory.

Software Dependencies

License and referencing

This source code is licensed under the GPLv2 license. If you in any way use this code for research that results in publications, please cite our original article. The following Bibtex entry can be used.

  Title                    = {Globally Optimal Base Station Clustering in Interference Alignment-Based Multicell Networks},
  Author                   = {Rasmus Brandt and Rami Mochaourab and Mats Bengtsson},
  Journal                  = IEEE_J_SPL,
  Year                     = {2016},
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