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(ns solsort.apps.hack4dk
[reagent.ratom :as ratom :refer [reaction]]
[cljs.core.async.macros :refer [go alt!]])
[cljs.test :refer-macros [deftest testing is run-tests]]
[cljs.core.async :refer [>! <! chan put! take! timeout close!]]
[re-frame.core :as re-frame :refer [subscribe register-sub register-handler dispatch dispatch-sync]]
[solsort.util :refer [route log unique-id <p]]
[solsort.misc :refer [<seq<! js-seq]]
[clojure.string :refer [replace split blank?]]
[ :refer [<ajax]]
[ :refer [style]]
[solsort.ui :refer [app input default-shadow add-style icon]]
(fn [o]
(go (let [url (replace (o "url")
{:type :json :json (<! (<ajax url :result :json))}))))
;; # 360-natmus
;(comment js/console.log
; (clj->js (<! (<ajax "" )))
; (js/console.log
; (clj->js (<! (<ajax "" ))))
; (js/console.log
; (clj->js (<! (<ajax "" ))))
; (js/console.log
; (clj->js (<! (<ajax "* and (categories:Rotationsbilleder)" )))))
; TODO reverse rotation direction
; collection on image id
(defn <natmus-id [id]
(let [[_ collection sourceId] (re-matches #"([^/]*)/(.*)" id)]
(<ajax (str
"/v1/search/?query=(sourceId:" sourceId ") "
"AND (collection:" collection ")")
:credentials false)))
(defn <natmus-images [id]
(go (let [imgs (->> (get (<! (<natmus-id id)) "Results")
(map #(get % "relatedSubAssets"))
(filter #(< 0 (count %)))
(map #(<natmus-id
(str (get % "collection")
"/" (get % "sourceId"))
; also get "collection"
; query should be (sourceId:..) AND (collection:...)
imgs (map #(get % "Results") (<! (<seq<! imgs)))
imgs (map (fn [o] (->> o
(map #(get % "assetUrlSizeMedium"))
(filter #(< 0 (count %)))
imgs (reverse imgs)
(or imgs []))))
(fn [db [_ oid url]]
(update-in db [:360 oid "loaded"] #(conj (or % #{}) url))))
(fn [db [_ oid imgs]]
(assoc-in db [:360 oid :imgs] imgs)))
(fn [db [_ pid pos]] (assoc-in db [:360-widget pid :pos] pos)))
(register-sub :360-images (fn [db [_ oid]] (reaction (get-in @db [:360 oid] {}))))
(register-sub :360-widget (fn [db [_ pid]] (reaction (get-in @db [:360-widget pid] {}))))
(defn handle-move [pid e]
(let [client-x (aget e "clientX")
target (aget e "target")
target-width (aget target "offsetWidth")]
(dispatch [:360-pos pid (/ client-x target-width)])))
(defn view-360 [pid oid]
(let [o @(subscribe [:360-images oid])
widget @(subscribe [:360-widget pid])]
(if-not (:imgs o)
[:div "[... getting data / images, can take a while ...]"]
(let [imgs (:imgs o)
img-count (count imgs)
pos (-> (get widget :pos 0)
(mod 1)
(* (count imgs))
[:img {:src (nth imgs pos)
:on-mouse-move (partial handle-move pid)
:width "100%"}]
[:div {:style {:display "none" }}]
(fn [src]
[:img {:src src
:width (str (/ 100 img-count) "%")}])
(route "360"
(fn [o]
(let [obj-id (o "src")
[_ src id] (re-find #"^([^:]*):(.*)$" obj-id)
pid (:id o)]
[:360-images obj-id
(case src "natmus" (<! (<natmus-images id)) [])]))
{:type :html
:html [view-360 pid obj-id]}))))
;; # filmografi
(defn pathurl [& args] (apply str "/" args))
(defn name->kw [o] (keyword (str (.-nodeName o))))
(defn dom->clj [dom]
(case (.-nodeType dom)
(let [tag (name->kw dom)
children (map dom->clj (js-seq (.-children dom)))
children (if (empty? children)
(if (blank? (.-textContent dom))
[(str (.-textContent dom))])
attrs (into {} (map (fn [o] [(name->kw o) (.-textContent o)]))
(js-seq (or (.-attributes dom) [])))]
{:tag tag
:attrs attrs
:children children})
(.-TEXT_NODE dom) (str (.-textContent dom))))
(defn parse-xml [s] (dom->clj (.parseFromString (js/DOMParser.) s "text/xml")))
(defn parse-html [s] (dom->clj (.parseFromString (js/DOMParser.) s "text/html")))
(defn tagmap [xml-list]
(into {} (map
#(let [v (:children %)]
[(:tag %)
(if (and (= 1 (count v))
(string? (first v)))
(first v)
(defn movie [xml]
(let [xml (first (:children xml))
entry (tagmap (:children xml))
[:div {:style {:margin "10%"}}
[style {"div" {:margin-top "2ex"}}]
[:div {:itemScope "itemscope"
:itemType ""}
[:img {:itemProp "image"
:width "38%"
:style {:float "right"}
:src (:SrcMini (tagmap (:MainImage entry)))}]
[:h1 {:itemProp "name" :style {:clear "none"}} (:Title entry)]
[:div [:span {:itemProp "description"} (:Description entry)]]
[:div [:a {:itemProp "sameAs" :href (:Url entry) } (:Url entry)]]
[:div [:b "Udgivet: "] [:span {:itemProp "datePublished"} (:ReleaseYear entry)]]
[:div [:b "Længde: "] [:time {:itemProp "duration"
:dateTime (str "PT" (:LengthInMin entry) "M")}
(str (:LengthInMin entry) "min")]]
(->> (:Credits entry)
(map (fn [o]
(let [tm (tagmap (:children o))]
[(= "Appearance" (:Type tm)) [:span {:itemProp "actor"} (:Name tm)]])))
(filter first)
(map second)
(interpose " & ")
(into [:div [:b "Skuespillere: "]]))
(->> (:Credits entry)
(map (fn [o]
(let [tm (tagmap (:children o))]
[(not= "Appearance" (:Type tm)) [:span {:itemProp "contributor"} (:Name tm)]])))
(filter first)
(map second)
(interpose " & ")
(into [:div [:b "Øvrige: "]]))
(->> (:ProductionCompanies entry)
(map (fn [o]
[:span {:itemProp "productionCompany"}
(:Name (tagmap (:children o)))]))
(interpose " & ")
(into [:div [:b "Produktionsselskaber: "]]))
(->> (:DistributionCompanies entry)
(map (fn [o]
[:span {:itemProp "publisher"}
(:Name (tagmap (:children o)))]))
(interpose " & ")
(into [:div [:b "Distributionsselskaber: "]]))]
[:hr {:style {:clear "both"}}]
[:div "Link til: "[:a {:href (pathurl "filmografi")} "alle film"]]
[:div "Dette er en prototype der ligger semantisk linked open data ud. Alle data her stammer fra "
[:a {:href ""} "The Danish Film Institute"]]]))
(defn <movie-page [id]
(go (let [url (str ""
"/movie.svc/" id)
xml (parse-xml (<! (<ajax url :result :text)))]
(movie xml))))
(defn film-page-list []
(interpose " "
(fn [i]
[:a {:href (pathurl "filmografi/page/" i)
:style {:margin ".5ex"}
:key i
} i])
(take 232 (range))))))
(defn <film-page [o n]
(go (let [url (str ""
"/movie.svc/list?startrow=" n "00&rows=100")
xml (parse-xml (<! (<ajax url :result :text)))]
(str (o "path"))
[:h1 "Film:"]
" "
(map (fn [o]
[:a {:style {:display "inline-block"
:width "20ex"
:padding "1ex" }
:href (pathurl "filmografi/movie/"
(-> o :children (nth 0) :children first))
:key (-> o :children (nth 0) :children first)
(-> o :children (nth 1) :children first)])
(:children (first (:children xml)))))
[:h2 "Flere sider med film:"]
(fn [o]
(go (let [path (split (o "path") "/")]
{:type :html
(case (second path)
"movie" (<! (<movie-page (nth path 2)))
"page" (<! (<film-page o (nth path 2)))
(<! (<film-page o 1)))}))))
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