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" Vim color file
" Maintainer: Tim Aldrich <>
" Last Change: 19 January 2002
set background=dark
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let g:colors_name="camo"
hi Normal guifg=bisque guibg=grey15
hi Cursor guifg=snow guibg=bisque3
hi CursorIM guifg=OliveDrab4 guibg=bisque
hi Directory guifg=OliveDrab4 guibg=grey15
hi DiffAdd guifg=DarkOliveGreen1 guibg=grey15
hi DiffChange guifg=PaleGreen guibg=grey15
hi DiffDelete guifg=red guibg=grey15
hi DiffText guifg=grey15 guibg=red
hi ErrorMsg guifg=snow guibg=red
hi VertSplit guifg=bisque4 guibg=DarkOliveGreen1
hi Folded guifg=DarkOliveGreen2 guibg=grey30
hi FoldColumn guifg=DarkOliveGreen2 guibg=grey30
hi IncSearch guifg=bisque guibg=red
hi LineNr guifg=OliveDrab4 guibg=grey15
hi ModeMsg guifg=khaki3 guibg=grey15
hi MoreMsg guifg=khaki3 guibg=grey15
hi NonText guifg=DarkSalmon guibg=grey10
hi Question guifg=IndianRed guibg=grey10
hi Search guifg=DarkSalmon guibg=grey15
hi SpecialKey guifg=yellow guibg=grey15
hi StatusLine guifg=bisque4 guibg=DarkOliveGreen1
hi StatusLineNC guifg=bisque4 guibg=DarkOliveGreen3
hi Title guifg=IndianRed guibg=grey15
hi Visual guifg=OliveDrab4 guibg=bisque1
hi WarningMsg guifg=bisque guibg=red
hi WildMenu guifg=LightBlue guibg=DarkViolet
"Syntax hilight groups
hi Comment guifg=tan
hi Constant guifg=khaki
hi String guifg=moccasin
hi Character guifg=chocolate
hi Number guifg=chocolate
hi Boolean guifg=OliveDrab3
hi Float guifg=chocolate
hi Identifier guifg=khaki4
hi Function guifg=OliveDrab4
hi Statement guifg=khaki
hi Conditional guifg=khaki
hi Repeat guifg=khaki
hi Label guifg=khaki
hi Operator guifg=DarkKhaki
hi Keyword guifg=DarkKhaki
hi Exception guifg=khaki
hi PreProc guifg=khaki4
hi Include guifg=khaki4
hi Define guifg=khaki1
hi Macro guifg=khaki2
hi PreCondit guifg=khaki3
hi Type guifg=khaki3
hi StorageClass guifg=tan
hi Structure guifg=DarkGoldenrod
hi Typedef guifg=khaki3
hi Special guifg=IndianRed
hi SpecialChar guifg=DarkGoldenrod
hi Tag guifg=DarkKhaki
hi Delimiter guifg=DarkGoldenrod
hi SpecialComment guifg=cornsilk
hi Debug guifg=brown
hi Underlined guifg=IndianRed
hi Ignore guifg=grey30
hi Error guifg=bisque guibg=red
hi Todo guifg=red guibg=bisque
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