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A .NET/Mono Library for Raspberry Pi
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Raspberry# System

See the Raspberry# System Wiki for full documentation and samples.


Raspberry# System is a .NET/Mono Library for Raspberry Pi. This project is an initiative of the Raspberry# Community.

Current release is an early public release. Some features may not have been extensively tested. Raspberry# System currently supports high resolution timer, as well as Raspberry Pi system board identification.



Raspberry.System provides utilities for Raspberry Pi boards, while using .NET concepts, syntax and case. You can easily add a reference to it in your Visual Studio projects using the Raspberry.System Nuget.

It currently support the following features:

  • Automatic detection of various Raspberry Pi revisions, as of 2013-09, Raspberry Pi model B rev1 and rev2 and Raspberry Pi model A
  • High resolution (about 1µs) timers
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