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Some basic guides to configuring your Raspberry Pi.


  • raspi-config
    • The Raspberry Pi configuration tool in Raspbian, allowing you to easily enable features such as the camera, and to change your specific settings such as keyboard layout
  • config.txt
    • The Raspberry Pi configuration file
  • Wireless networking
    • Configuring your Pi to connect to a wireless network using the Raspberry Pi 3's or Pi Zero W's inbuilt wireless connectivity, or a USB wireless dongle
  • Wireless access point
    • Configuring your Pi as a wireless access point using the Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi Zero W's inbuilt wireless connectivity, or a USB wireless dongle
  • Using a proxy
    • Setting up your Pi to access the internet via a proxy server
  • Audio config
    • Switch your audio output between HDMI and the 3.5mm jack
  • Camera config
    • Installing and setting up the Raspberry Pi camera board
  • External storage config
    • Mounting and setting up external storage on a Raspberry Pi
  • Localisation
    • Setting up your Pi to work in your local language/time zone
  • Default pin configuration
    • Changing the default pin states.
  • Device Trees config
    • Device Trees, overlays, and parameters
  • Kernel command line
    • How to set options in the kernel command line
  • UART configuration
    • How to set up the on-board UARTS.
  • Firmware warning icons
    • Description of warning icons displayed if the firmware detects issues
  • Securing your Raspberry Pi
    • Some basic advice for making your Raspberry Pi more secure
  • Screensaver
    • How to configure screen blanking/screen saver
  • The boot folder
    • What it's for and what's in it