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S = hex/shader_256.hex \
hex/shader_512.hex \
hex/shader_1k.hex \
hex/shader_2k.hex \
hex/shader_4k.hex \
hex/shader_8k.hex \
hex/shader_16k.hex \
hex/shader_32k.hex \
hex/shader_64k.hex \
hex/shader_128k.hex \
hex/shader_256k.hex \
hex/shader_512k.hex \
hex/shader_1024k.hex \
hex/shader_2048k.hex \
C = mailbox.c gpu_fft.c gpu_fft_base.c gpu_fft_twiddles.c gpu_fft_shaders.c
C1D = $(C) hello_fft.c
C2D = $(C) hello_fft_2d.c gpu_fft_trans.c
H1D = gpu_fft.h mailbox.h
H2D = gpu_fft.h mailbox.h gpu_fft_trans.h hello_fft_2d_bitmap.h
F = -lrt -lm -ldl
all: hello_fft.bin hello_fft_2d.bin
hello_fft.bin: $(S) $(C1D) $(H1D)
gcc -o hello_fft.bin $(F) $(C1D)
hello_fft_2d.bin: $(S) hex/shader_trans.hex $(C2D) $(H2D)
gcc -o hello_fft_2d.bin $(F) $(C2D)
rm -f *.bin
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