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Preparation for additional codecs

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commit 3bf71e429299611f5e671a04026cd4d19afbb95b 1 parent 7680bb3
popcornmix authored August 08, 2012
BIN  boot/arm128_start.elf
Binary file not shown
BIN  boot/arm192_start.elf
Binary file not shown
BIN  boot/arm224_start.elf
Binary file not shown
BIN  boot/arm240_start.elf
Binary file not shown
BIN  boot/start.elf
Binary file not shown

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Can't seem to find any information on this, what additional codecs are you referring to?

Christian S. Perone

Which additional codecs ?

Dimitrios Vlastaras

I would like to know which additional codecs you are referring to.

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