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Add sync_after_dma module parameter to kernel.

Tweak for hdmi mode selection when no detailed timing.
Add hdmi_ignore_hotplug, disable_l2cache_witealloc  and arm_control configs.
Add mailbox property channel, see github issue #47
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commit 43b688a2e0a3afd60be39804e2d1302bffe53c0a 1 parent 1309b3d
popcornmix popcornmix authored
BIN  boot/arm128_start.elf
Binary file not shown
BIN  boot/arm192_start.elf
Binary file not shown
BIN  boot/arm224_start.elf
Binary file not shown
BIN  boot/kernel.img
Binary file not shown
BIN  boot/kernel_cutdown.img
Binary file not shown
BIN  boot/kernel_emergency.img
Binary file not shown
BIN  boot/start.elf
Binary file not shown
36,947 extra/
18,475 additions, 18,472 deletions not shown
32,949 extra/
16,476 additions, 16,473 deletions not shown
35,941 extra/
17,972 additions, 17,969 deletions not shown
2  extra/git_hash
... ... @@ -1 +1 @@
1   -f6e4f04b715deaec1e48d475318e36e26efcee15
  1 +1220673bfd5191e7eb1118a91c1581a51421aef1

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