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Fix for 'Failed to add service' try two

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1 parent d535b28 commit c2c114a02b0e0a5afa5f1a89b231f805780cb7b4 @popcornmix popcornmix committed Jul 28, 2012
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Something's wrong with this (I think) or the last commit: It entirely kept my RPi from booting using arm128_start.elf.
Reverting to e73e84c made it boot again.

I'm using Chris Boot's latest kernel (3.2.23r1) on Gentoo Linux.


I've had reports of this commit working.
Do you get the rainbow screen?
Do you get any console output before the failure?
Can you check start.elf is not corrupt.
If you switch to official kernel, does it boot?


Thanks for answering so quickly, and sorry I couldn't get back earlier.

The question I can answer right away is that start.elf and/or my SD-Card don't seem to be corrupt. All arm__start.elf files do have the same size (except for the arm240_start.elf). I always copy the appropriate arm__start.elf over to start.elf before booting, so that doesn't seem to be it. As soon as I use an older version of the firmware, everything just works.

However, with commit 0d88fba I have the problem that xbmc wouldn't start. Just unloading all libs soon after startup and leaving some child processes running without any screen output.

As for rainbow screen and console output, I'll have to get back to you tomorrow, when I had the chance to try with a monitor attached.
Same for the official kernel.img.


The last commit may give that behaviour (linux boots, but apps that use opengl fail). This commit should have fixed that.


Finally, my findings:

  • The problems occur independent of which kernel.img is used (official or Chris Boot's)
  • I get the rainbow screen with arm128_start.elf, arm192_start.elf, arm224_start.elf, but not with arm240_start.elf.
  • There's no additional console output.



I also can't boot (stuck at rainbow screen) using any of the arm128, arm192 and arm224_start.elf. arm240_start.elf works but I guess this is because it's actually from the previous commit as it was not modified by this one.

chelys commented on c2c114a Aug 3, 2012

Same problem for me. I opened a thread on PI Forum but maybe this is the right place. I've 2 almost identical PIs. Same SD card, same operating system, same firmware.
One boots correctly the other one stops at rainbow screen. Tried to exchange the SD: the working one continues to boot the other is still blocked to the rainbow screen.
Checking more in detail, the "only" difference between the 2 PIs is the DRAM: the working one uses an Hynx chip while the not working uses a Samsung chip.
Could the problem be linked to some different DRAM timing/parameter of the chips?


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