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Jul 05, 2014

  1. popcornmix

    kernel: Bump to 3.12.24

    See: raspberrypi/linux#603
    firmware: dispmanx: Fix snapshot scaling when a fullscreen dest rect is used
    See: #295
    firmware: dispmanx: allow rotations into 24-bit memory displays
    See: #267
    firmware: Add MMAL parameter for render stats
    See: #287
    firmware: image_decode: Move decode thread to second core
    This improves jpeg decode time a little
    firmware: imagefx: Separate out the fast 1080i deinterlace algorithm
    As the 1080i deinterlace doesn't require the 3 frames of context we can save ~6MB by requesting it explicitly
    popcornmix authored

Jun 26, 2014

  1. popcornmix

    firmware: Rebuild of broken start_cd.elf

    See: #293
    kernel: Set build number back to normal monotonic sequence
    See: #293
    kernel: bcm2708: Avoid hang when timer_set_next_event is called with MAX_INT
    See: raspberrypi/linux#616
    kernel: armctrl: Don't mask interrupts from ack
    See: raspberrypi/linux@39e4e12
    popcornmix authored
  2. popcornmix

    kernel: Bump to 3.12.23

    effects: Initial code for 3d sbs to anaglyph
    video_decode: Fix nBufferSize setting getting lost
    See: #240 (comment)
    video_render: Add command for querying render statistics
    See: #287 (comment)
    hvs: Add gencmd to configure only updating display list on odd/even field
    See: #292
    popcornmix authored

Jun 18, 2014

  1. kernel: vmstat: Workaround for issue where dirty page count goes nega…

    See: raspberrypi/linux#617
    kernel: vchiq: Include SIGSTOP and SIGCONT in list of signals not-masked by vchiq to allow gdb to work
    firmware: gencmd: Add queries for malloc and reloc free memory
    firmware: display: Add support for 32bpp palettes
    See: #276
    firmware: Alterations to support camera DRC.  (Dynamic range compression)
    userland: egl: Call khrn_init_options so env vars like V3D_DOUBLE_BUFFER are respected
    userland: hello_fft: Add qasm source files
    Dom Cobley authored

Jun 09, 2014

  1. firmware: audio_mixer: Fix issue with planar audio when output channe…

    …ls needed expansion
    hdmi: Include requested mode and allow hdmi drive when edid fails
    tvservice: More accurate description of standby message
    See: #286
    Dom Cobley authored

Jun 04, 2014

  1. kernel: bump to 3.12.21

    kernel: config: Add CONFIG_HID_XINMO
    See: raspberrypi/linux#609
    firmware: audio_render/audio_mixer: Support planar formats
    firmware: bootcode: increase sdcard timeout to avoid observed boot failure under certain conditions
    firmware: deinterlace_double - fix image locking
    See: #181
    firmware: Convert image_fx for use with MMAL and MMAL_ENCODING_OPAQUE
    See: #278
    firmware: RIL Camera: fix handling for stride>required stride
    See: raspberrypi/userland#177
    Dom Cobley authored

May 30, 2014

  1. kernel: mach-bcm2708: account for FIQ latency in timer interrupt setup

    See: raspberrypi/linux@a25152f
    firmware: hdmi: Fix for requested mode not getting top score with CEA
    See: #280
    firmware: hdmi: Make VGA, 720p and 1080p be reported as supported in no-EDID case
    firmware: dispmanx: Increase the amount of lbm allowed in online mode. Fix for black screen playing videos in xbmc
    See: OpenELEC/
    Dom Cobley authored

May 27, 2014

  1. kernel: Enable PCF2127 RTC module

    See: Hexxeh/rpi-firmware#51
    kernel: V4L2: Fix regression, and gstreamer workaround
    See: raspberrypi/linux#604
    kernel: dwc_otg: fix interrupt registration for fiq_enable=0
    See: raspberrypi/linux@33d28d4
    kernel: w1-gpio,bcm2708: Disable 1-wire pull-up by default and expose parameters to modules
    See: raspberrypi/linux#602
    kernel: i2c: Make combined transactions optional and disabled by default
    See: raspberrypi/linux#318
    firmware: video_decode: Remove the minumum of 7 buffers requirement when extra_buffers=0
    Allows memory reduction when video_decode is non-tunnelled
    Dom Cobley authored

May 23, 2014

  1. kernel: Bump to 3.12.20

    kernel: V4L2 padding removal, and support for H264_I_PERIOD
    See: raspberrypi/linux#598
    firmware: dispmanx: Limit LBM usage on any channel
    See: #277
    firmware: MMAL: vc_image: Fix some of the combinations for vc_image_pack
    firmware: MMAL: Don't ask for YUVUV when tearing down an opaque tunnel
    firmware: gencmd: Add display_power command for controlling power to hdmi phy
    firmware: config: Add hdmi_force_mode option to force only one mode
    firmware: hdmi: Make configured mode have high score, so it is respected after power on preferred
    firmware: hdmi: Call the callback with current hdmi mode, not preferred
    firmware: dispmanx: Move the offline/rotated buffer allocation into attach function.
    See: raspberrypi/linux#463
    Dom Cobley authored

May 16, 2014

  1. kernel: fiq_fsm: Handle HC babble errors

    See: raspberrypi/linux#588
    kernel: Perform I2C combined transactions when possible
    See: raspberrypi/linux#318
    kernel: V4L2: Increase the MMAL timeout to 3sec
    See: raspberrypi/linux#592
    kernel: i2c-bcm2708: fixed baudrate
    See: raspberrypi/linux#592
    firmware: Avoid calling hdcp_shutdown() when hotplug deasserted
    firmware: hello_fft: Update readme to mention use with GL
    firmware: Clear unused pixels in the subsample image in H264 codec
    Dom Cobley authored

May 12, 2014

  1. firmware: Allow hdmi_drive to override EDID

    firmware: qpu_execute: Don't write to V3D_VPMBASE: not required and khronos doesn't like it
    kernel: vchiq: Avoid high load when blocked and unkillable
    See: #271
    userland: raspivid: Option to save the inline motion vectors to a file
    See: raspberrypi/userland#172
    Dom Cobley authored

May 09, 2014

  1. kernel: Bump to 3.12.19

    kernel: config: enable CONFIG_VIDEO_STK1160_COMMON
    See: Hexxeh/rpi-firmware#47
    firmware: vdec3: h264: Improve results on some corrupt streams.
    See: #255
    firmware: Update to HW cursor handling. Now supports overscan and arbitrary framebuffer sizes in GPU so X driver does not need to worry about it
    userland: RaspiVid: Fix file splitting code.
    See: raspberrypi/userland#168
    Dom Cobley authored

May 01, 2014

  1. kernel: config: Enable CONFIG_DMA_CMA which may fix fiq dsm cache coh…

    …erency issues
    See: raspberrypi/linux#575
    kernel: config: Add CONFIG_USB_HOS module (option branded GSM modem)
    See: raspberrypi/linux#580
    tvservice: Allow requesting NTSC frequency variants of hdmi modes
    Dom Cobley authored

Apr 28, 2014

  1. kernel: Move to 3.12.18 kernel

    kernel: vchiq: Use down_killable rather than down_interruptable to avoid harless signals from causing vchiq operations to fail
    Dom Cobley authored

Apr 27, 2014

  1. kernel: bump to 3.10.38

    kernel: config: Add CONFIG_NFS_SWAP
    See: #266
    firmware: alsa: fix for wrong volume when starting playback
    See: raspberrypi/linux#570
    firmware: Support passthrough through alsa with channels=0
    See: raspberrypi/linux#528
    Dom Cobley authored

Apr 15, 2014

  1. include: Add missing include file from previous commit

    Dom Cobley authored

Apr 11, 2014

  1. firmware: RIL: Support packing for non-16 aligned dimensions.

    firmware: DSI display support
    firmware: encode: Add support for saving inline motion vectors from gsh
    userland: tvservice: Report framerate including nstc clock
    firmware: video_decode: Fixes for fifo timestamps and frame interval tracking
    Dom Cobley authored

Apr 07, 2014

  1. firmware: image_encode: Fix that works for both buffers and tunnelling.

    firmware: video_decode: Allow ts fifo to be forced off with avoid_fix_ts=2
    userland: tvservice: Enhance callback mechanism
    See: raspberrypi/userland#162
    Dom Cobley authored

Apr 04, 2014

  1. kernel: Bump to 3.10.36

    V4L2: Add support for more image formats
    firmware: jpeg: Replicate border pixels on JPEG encode.
    firmware: ILCamera: Add option to remove all padding from the output images.
    firmware: Add RIL camera support for YVU420, YVU420SP, and BGR888.
    firmware: audio: Only try channel expanding and conversion in PCM mode
    See: Hexxeh/rpi-firmware#44
    firmware: clock: increase the limits on VCOs to allow higher overclocks
    Should allow arm_freq > 1200, core_freq > 600 and sdram_freq > 600 to be attempted.
    firmware: hvs: Make Mitchell Netravali kernel the default for scaling
    This was reported by multiple testers to be preferable to the previous scaling kernel
    firmware: hdmi: Don't require edid support when explicitly requesting a resolution
    No longer require hdmi_avoid_edid to choose a group/mode that is not supported.
    Dom Cobley authored

Mar 27, 2014

  1. kernel: Add CONFIG_VETH for virtual ethernet devices

    See: raspberrypi/linux#550
    kernel: V4L2: Add manual white balance control
    firmware: audio_mixer: Fix bug that loses second channel with 8-bit input
    firmware: MMAL: Add parameter to enable SEI on the encoder.
    See: raspberrypi/userland#144
    firmware: MMAL: Correct rounding for EV steps
    See: raspberrypi/userland#34
    firmware: camera: Correct EXIF handling to always update
    See: raspberrypi/userland#83
    Dom Cobley authored

Mar 25, 2014

  1. kernel: bump to 3.10.34

    kernel: fix sign in sdhci_bcm2708_raw_writel wait calculation
    see: raspberrypi/linux#549
    firmware: audio_mixer: Support 8-bit input and float input and output. Support non-power of 2 channels
    Dom Cobley authored

Mar 18, 2014

  1. userland: invert texture coordinates to match latest firmware

    See: #256
    firmware: Some tweaks to sdram PVT calibration from jv
    firmware: camera: burst capture performance fix
    firmware: Remove support for safe mode and emergency kernel
    Dom Cobley authored

Mar 14, 2014

  1. raspicam: Changes for high frame rate modes and full FOV preview mode…

    Dom Cobley authored

Mar 07, 2014

  1. kernel: Bump to 3.10.33

    kernel: Enable SCSI Generic Kernel Support/Module
    See: raspberrypi/linux#540
    firmware: When hotplug is absent, try reading the edid as a fallback. Only switch to composite if both fail
    Dom Cobley authored

Feb 28, 2014

  1. firmware: Add dither to pwm audio

    kernel: ASoc: Don't report S24_LE support, it produces white noise with xbmc
    firmware: cleanup: prune some unused libs
    Dom Cobley authored

Feb 26, 2014

  1. kernel: bump to 3.10.32

    firmware: Add config options to reduce pwm emissions
      pwm_sample_bits: default 11, valid from 8 to 11. Allows pwm clock to be reduced by lowering sample bit-width
      pwm_mode_pwm: default 0, when set will use pwm mode rather than pdm which will reduce high frequencies
    Dom Cobley authored

Feb 14, 2014

  1. kernel: bump to 3.10.30

    firmware: Fix orientation of EGL images that originated from hardware video decode
    Previously JPEGS and frames from software decoder were flipped compared to hardware decoded frame
    Dom Cobley authored

Feb 12, 2014

  1. kernel: Add support for red/blue swapped framebuffer

    See: raspberrypi/linux#514
    firmware: Fix crash that could occur when passthrough dts packet is short
    firmware: Set validity bit for audio passthrough formats to avoid noise when unsupported by tv/receiver
    firmware: Increase allowed clock drift from 50ms to 100ms to avoid video stutters
    userland: Updates to raspicam
    Dom Cobley authored

Feb 09, 2014

  1. kernel: bump to 3.10.29

    firmware: Add max_clock_drift config.txt option to allow higher variations in audio timestamp before affecting clock
    firmware: Make the fifo timestamp mode conditional on timestamp period variance being lower than non-fifo mode
    userland: vcos: cleanup dummy threads properly
    See: raspberrypi/userland#141
    Dom Cobley authored

Feb 02, 2014

  1. linux: relax the dimensions check for rotated displays

    See: raspberrypi/linux#463
    firmware: vdec3: h264: Changed scaling lists don't force a new sequence
    firmware: audioserv: handle odd buffer sizes and only submit multiples of pitch
    See: raspberrypi/linux#320
    Dom Cobley authored

Jan 30, 2014

  1. hello_pi: Add hello_fft demo app from Andrew Holme

    firmware: Add support for qpu_execute routine to block on interrupts
    Dom Cobley authored

Jan 28, 2014

  1. kernel: Bump to 3.10.28

    firmware: Add interrupt support to qpu_execute mailbox interface
    firmware: Make no_hdmi_resample a default option
    firmware: Add gencmd for controlling hdmi_stream_channels
    firmware: Return error from set passive when cec is disabled
    Dom Cobley authored

Jan 17, 2014

  1. kernel: bump to 3.10.27

    kernel: Add support for HiFiBerry Digi
    See: raspberrypi/linux#501
    firmware: dispmanx: fix for negative dest_rect coordines used in an element modify call
    firmware: Add mmal headers
    See: raspberrypi/userland#138
    userland: Make constant QP mode actually have constant QP
    See: raspberrypi/userland#139
    Dom Cobley authored

Jan 10, 2014

  1. kernel: bump to 3.10.26

    kernel: config: Remove CONFIG_RTC_HCTOSYS
    See: raspberrypi/linux#163
    firmware: New night node parameters
    firmware: vdec3: Fix for gray blocks near start of streams
    Dom Cobley authored

Jan 07, 2014

  1. firmware: Move to latest version of vdec3 and venc

    See: popcornmix/omxplayer#87
    kernel: V4L2: Increase the MMAL timeout to 3sec
    firmware: Change default zoom speed to fastest possible. This means setting ROI takes only one frame rather than doing an animated zoom.
    Dom Cobley authored
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