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Expected behaviour of "graphics_get_display_size" in bcm_host? #14

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Calling "graphics_get_display_size" seems to always return 1920x1080, regardless of the current display size. Is this expected behaviour?

Is there a way to get the true output resolution, in the same manner as the tvservice utility?


#include "bcm_host.h"
success = graphics_get_display_size(0 /* LCD */, &width, &height);

width and height seem to return 1920 and 1080 respectively, regardless to output mode. My HDMI is currently set to "state 0x12001a, 1280x720 @ 50Hz, progressive". It returns 1920x1080 even when using composite out.


It was fixed on 21 April in our source tree, so you need a newer than that.
If you are interested this is the implementation:

int32_t graphics_get_display_size( const uint16_t display_number,
                                                    uint32_t *width,
                                                    uint32_t *height)
   DISPMANX_DISPLAY_HANDLE_T display_handle = 0;
   int32_t success = -1;

   if (display_handle == 0) {
      // Display must be opened first.
      display_handle = vc_dispmanx_display_open(display_number);
   if (display_handle) {
      success = vc_dispmanx_display_get_info(display_handle, &mode_info);

      if( success >= 0 )
         if( NULL != width )
            *width = mode_info.width;

         if( NULL != height )
            *height = mode_info.height;

   if ( display_handle )
      display_handle = 0;

   return success;

Brilliant :) Thanks!

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