Include (shared library) in addition to libvchostif.a (static library) #149

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Any updates on this? Are there any issues that would prevent it?


popcornmix commented Mar 12, 2013

I've changed it locally. I'll see if there are any problems.
Should just be the addition of "SHARED" to:

add_library(vchostif SHARED
            ${VMCS_TARGET}/vcfilesys.c ${VMCS_TARGET}/vcmisc.c
            vc_vchi_gencmd.c vc_vchi_filesys.c
            vc_vchi_tvservice.c vc_vchi_cecservice.c
            vc_vchi_dispmanx.c vc_service_common.c)

You should be able to change this in userland repo and test.

Ruffio commented Jun 24, 2015

@popcornmix this has been resolved?

To this end, there is also the problem that libvchostif.a does not contain any symbols (you can get this information with "nm - D libvchostif.a"), as I think that its symbols are not used anywhere in the repository and so the symbols are stripped away.
Thus, as pointed out in a previous comment (@popcornmix) and as the change on the CMakeLists.txt is fairly easy, the library should be provided as dynamic.

kraj referenced this issue in raspberrypi/userland Apr 2, 2016


build shared library for vchostif #304

Ruffio commented Jun 27, 2016

@popcornmix were there any problems? Can it be merged or should it be discarded?

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