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Change default arm_freq #159

samnazarko opened this Issue · 2 comments

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As you have previously mentioned you've not seen a Pi that will not work with an arm_freq of 800.

Should the default arm_freq be raised from 700 to 800 given this? The only potential issue may be increased power supply requirements, but this should be minimal as it is the GPU and USB devices that seem to consume the most power.


Not sure we can do this.
I've not heard of a chip failing at 800MHz at room temperature. In theory the chip can run from -40C to 80C and there may be some chips that fail at extreme temperature at 800MHz.

I can ask Eben, but a change like that would need signing off from Broadcom, RS and Farnell, who are going to prefer to err on the side of caution.

I think the "official" Raspbian distribution is likely to stay at 700 by default, but with an easy menu option to overclock. There's no problem with other distributions using a higher value as standard.


Fair enough. I figured that while OCing it oneself does not void warranty, your licenses for warranty with RS and Farnell are under specific frequencies, and they assume most users won't overclock.

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