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Framebuffer upscaling modes not correct #168

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When in the config.txt file a frame buffer size is less than the screen resolution set with hdmi modes, and the scaling_kernel != 6, the result is some pixel are used and other not. it seems not really stable by different boot with the same config, some times one over 4 pixel is used, sometimes one over 4 is black.

With HDMI groupe 2, mode 4 (640x480) and framebuffer of 320x240 and scaling_kernel = 8 , nothing is displayed.

Image with hdmi groupe 2, mode 9 (800x600) and scaling_kernel = 8 :


Image with1920x1200 and scaling_kernel = 8 :

Another Image with 800x600 and scaling_kernel = 8 : there the upscaling is wrong


I've reopened #104 as that is not resolved. Please continue there.

@popcornmix popcornmix closed this
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