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Latest commit a1a3be1 Apr 22, 2016 @popcornmix popcornmix kernel: vc4-kms-v3d updates for 4.4
See: raspberrypi/linux#1419

kernel: clk-bcm2835-aux fix - backported from kernel 4.6
See: raspberrypi/linux#1423

kernel: bcm2835-i2s: Reduce the TX DREQ threshold
See: raspberrypi/linux#1417

kernel: config: Add DRM_UDL module
See: raspberrypi/linux#1422

kernel: vchiq_arm: Add completion records under the mutex

firmware: pwm_sdm: Fix release build bug regression

firmware: raspistill: Use camera_info component to set the sensor name and output resolution

firmware: dtoverlay: Require sudo for destructive operations
firmware: dtoverlay: command line tweaks

firmware: platform: Move initial freq settings to platform
firmeare: platform: Move initial volt settings to platform
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