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Latest commit cb2ffaa @popcornmix popcornmix kernel: Bump to 4.1.17
firmware: audioplus: pause burst frames use 32-bits as payload length

firmware: Fix typos in various headers
See: #518

firmware: Video_encode: Support OMX_IndexConfigVideoIntraVOPRefresh
See: #462

firmware: Add support for VC_IMAGE_BGR888/OMX_COLOR_Format24bitRGB888 to video_render

firmware: Rawcam: Add some more debug, and support for RGB888 and BGR888

firmware: bootcode: Remove support for CM msd as it is not believed to be used

firmware: bootcode: Avoid controlling LED gpio on CM

firmware: Add logging for clock management from the videocore. Using vcdbg log msg the logging will include setting of channel and output frequencies

firmware: platform: Add config option to adjust sdram schmoo settings

firmware: arm_loader: Add mailbox properties to get and set gpio state

firmware: arm_loader: Add Pi0 model string

firmware: platform: Don't default to overscan if we're recovery.elf
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opt/vc kernel: Bump to 4.1.17
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