Latest commit 413fc66 Oct 25, 2016 @popcornmix popcornmix kernel: Bump to 4.4.27
kernel: Support for Blokas Labs pisound board
See: raspberrypi/linux#1684

firmware: Video_decode: Check licenced codecs at component create

firmware: dispmanx: Report transform or display as the display_rotate variable
See: raspberrypi/userland#348

firmware: arm_loader: Don't lose force_turbo when initial_turbo completes
See: #667

firmware: mmal: improvements to mmal_queue code

firmware: arm_dt: Silence system-supplied dtparams

firmware: vc_image: Remove obsolete processor support using _VC_VERSION
firmware: vc_image: Include colourspace in RGB to YUV conversions
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opt/vc kernel: Bump to 4.4.27 Oct 25, 2016