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kernel: Bump to 3.18.10

kernel: Add driver for rpi-proto
See: raspberrypi/linux#908

kernel: Fix reduced volume issue for users of PCM5122 DAC
See: raspberrypi/linux#889

firmware: arm_loader: Refactor freq/freq_min logic and allow h264 freq_min to be increased

firmware: arm_loader: Allow non-turbo voltage to be increased by up to two config steps

firmware: video codec: refactor userdata release mechanics in categoriser

firmware: hvs: experimental: reduce hvs non-panic priority on 2836

firmware: arm_loader: Add force_eeprom_read setting

firmware: bootcode: Add bootcode_delay for an early delay
See: #401

firmware: dispmanx: Fix stereoscopic flags to invert left/right eyes with multichannel

firmware: [deinterlace] Avoid asserts on half rate deinterlace

firmware: [audioplus] Limit samplerate/channels to something we expect to be able to support through hdmi

firmware: [deinterlace] Fall back to fast algorithm in a cleaner way

firmware: MMAL opaque - reduce back below 128 btyes
See: #377 (comment)

firmware: arm_loader: Avoid double-free when disabling HAT overlay, and always relocate overlay phandles

firmware: vc_pool_image: add locking around linked image release
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