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ba7e476 regulator: core kbuild files
Liam Girdwood authored
1 #
2 # Makefile for regulator drivers.
3 #
688fe99 @broonie regulator: Add option for machine drivers to enable the dummy regulator
broonie authored
6 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR) += core.o dummy.o
ba7e476 regulator: core kbuild files
Liam Girdwood authored
1d98ccc regulator: add userspace-consumer driver
Mike Rapoport authored
9 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_USERSPACE_CONSUMER) += userspace-consumer.o
ba7e476 regulator: core kbuild files
Liam Girdwood authored
3f0292a @mmind regulator: Add driver for gpio-controlled regulators
mmind authored
11 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_GPIO) += gpio-regulator.o
8b385d9 @sonicz regulator: new drivers for AD5398 and AD5821
sonicz authored
12 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_AD5398) += ad5398.o
0eb5d5a @pH5 regulator: TI bq24022 Li-Ion Charger driver
pH5 authored
13 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_BQ24022) += bq24022.o
0cbdf7b LP3971 PMIC regulator driver (updated and combined version)
Marek Szyprowski authored
14 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_LP3971) += lp3971.o
5976f09 @AxelLin Regulator: LP3972 PMIC regulator driver
AxelLin authored
15 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_LP3972) += lp3972.o
55f4fa4 @rjarzmik Maxim 1586 regulator driver
rjarzmik authored
16 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_MAX1586) += max1586.o
b07682b @SantoshShilimkar mfd: Rename twl4030* driver files to enable re-use
SantoshShilimkar authored
17 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_TWL4030) += twl-regulator.o
a71b797 regulator: enable max8649 regulator driver
Haojian Zhuang authored
18 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_MAX8649) += max8649.o
27f37e4 regulator: add driver for MAX8660/8661
Wolfram Sang authored
19 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_MAX8660) += max8660.o
08ff6f2 regulator: Add max8925 support
Haojian Zhuang authored
20 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_MAX8925) += max8925-regulator.o
202f4f5 @myungjoo MAX8952 PMIC Driver Initial Release
myungjoo authored
21 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_MAX8952) += max8952.o
bd6ca2c @myungjoo regulator: MAX8997/8966 support
myungjoo authored
22 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_MAX8997) += max8997.o
156f252 drivers: regulator: add Maxim 8998 driver
Kyungmin Park authored
23 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_MAX8998) += max8998.o
e4ee831 @broonie regulator: Add WM831x DC-DC buck convertor support
broonie authored
24 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_WM831X) += wm831x-dcdc.o
d4d6b72 @broonie regulator: Add WM831x ISINK support
broonie authored
25 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_WM831X) += wm831x-isink.o
d1c6b4f @broonie regulator: Add WM831x LDO support
broonie authored
26 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_WM831X) += wm831x-ldo.o
da09155 @broonie regulator: Add WM8350 regulator support
broonie authored
27 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_WM8350) += wm8350-regulator.o
42fad57 @broonie regulator: Add WM8400 regulator support
broonie authored
28 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_WM8400) += wm8400-regulator.o
69dc16c @broonie regulator: Add WM8994 regulator support
broonie authored
29 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_WM8994) += wm8994-regulator.o
4961023 regulator: add TPS6586X regulator driver
Mike Rapoport authored
30 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_TPS6586X) += tps6586x-regulator.o
129eef9 da903x: add regulator support for DA9030/DA9034
Eric Miao authored
31 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_DA903X) += da903x.o
5ec271e @balajirrao regulator: PCF50633 pmic driver
balajirrao authored
32 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_PCF50633) += pcf50633-regulator.o
39b1772 @drwyrm regulator: add pcap driver
drwyrm authored
33 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_PCAP) += pcap-regulator.o
b4b90c6 regulator/mc13783: rename source file to match other drivers
Uwe Kleine-König authored
34 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_MC13783) += mc13783-regulator.o
5e428d5 regulator: support PMIC mc13892
Yong Shen authored
35 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_MC13892) += mc13892-regulator.o
167e3d8 make mc13783 regulator code generic
Yong Shen authored
36 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_MC13XXX_CORE) += mc13xxx-regulator-core.o
d619bc1 regulator: AB3100 support
Linus Walleij authored
37 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_AB3100) += ab3100.o
2edd3b6 @linusw regulator: Add a subdriver for TI TPS6105x regulator portions v2
linusw authored
38 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_TPS6105X) += tps6105x-regulator.o
2de7985 Regulator: Adding TPS65023 and TPS6507x in Kconfig and Makefile
Anuj Aggarwal authored
39 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_TPS65023) += tps65023-regulator.o
40 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_TPS6507X) += tps6507x-regulator.o
1394fd2 @cchemparathy regulator: add driver for tps6524x regulator
cchemparathy authored
41 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_TPS6524X) += tps6524x-regulator.o
9260ad9 tps65912: add regulator driver
Margarita Olaya authored
42 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_TPS65912) += tps65912-regulator.o
be0e2d3 regulator: add 88PM8607 PMIC driver
Haojian Zhuang authored
43 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_88PM8607) += 88pm8607.o
51bd694 @marex ISL6271A voltage regulator support.
marex authored
44 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_ISL6271A) += isl6271a-regulator.o
c789ca2 regulator: add support for regulators on the ab8500 MFD
Sundar R IYER authored
45 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_AB8500) += ab8500.o
1032fbf mach-ux500: voltage domain regulators for DB8500
Bengt Jonsson authored
46 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_DB8500_PRCMU) += db8500-prcmu.o
518fb72 @slimlogic TPS65910: Add tps65910 regulator driver
slimlogic authored
47 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_TPS65910) += tps65910-regulator.o
f7eb6c5 regulator: aat2870: Add AAT2870 regulator driver
Jin Park authored
48 obj-$(CONFIG_REGULATOR_AAT2870) += aat2870-regulator.o
2de7985 Regulator: Adding TPS65023 and TPS6507x in Kconfig and Makefile
Anuj Aggarwal authored
ba7e476 regulator: core kbuild files
Liam Girdwood authored
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