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# TIPC configuration
menuconfig TIPC
tristate "The TIPC Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL)"
The Transparent Inter Process Communication (TIPC) protocol is
specially designed for intra cluster communication. This protocol
originates from Ericsson where it has been used in carrier grade
cluster applications for many years.
For more information about TIPC, see
This protocol support is also available as a module ( = code which
can be inserted in and removed from the running kernel whenever you
want). The module will be called tipc. If you want to compile it
as a module, say M here and read <file:Documentation/kbuild/modules.txt>.
If in doubt, say N.
bool "Advanced TIPC configuration"
default n
Saying Y here will open some advanced configuration for TIPC.
Most users do not need to bother; if unsure, just say N.
int "Maximum number of ports in a node"
depends on TIPC_ADVANCED
range 127 65535
default "8191"
Specifies how many ports can be supported by a node.
Can range from 127 to 65535 ports; default is 8191.
Setting this to a smaller value saves some memory,
setting it to higher allows for more ports.
config TIPC_LOG
int "Size of log buffer"
depends on TIPC_ADVANCED
range 0 32768
default "0"
Size (in bytes) of TIPC's internal log buffer, which records the
occurrence of significant events. Can range from 0 to 32768 bytes;
default is 0.
There is no need to enable the log buffer unless the node will be
managed remotely via TIPC.
bool "Enable debugging support"
default n
Saying Y here enables TIPC debugging capabilities used by developers.
Most users do not need to bother; if unsure, just say N.
Enabling debugging support causes TIPC to display data about its
internal state when certain abnormal conditions occur. It also
makes it easy for developers to capture additional information of
interest using the dbg() or msg_dbg() macros.
endif # TIPC
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