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** HP VISUALIZE Workstation PCI Bus Defect
** "HP has discovered a potential system defect that can affect
** the behavior of five models of HP VISUALIZE workstations when
** equipped with third-party or customer-installed PCI I/O expansion
** cards. The defect is limited to the HP C180, C160, C160L, B160L,
** and B132L VISUALIZE workstations, and will only be encountered
** when data is transmitted through PCI I/O expansion cards on the
** PCI bus. HP-supplied graphics cards that utilize the PCI bus are
** not affected."
** Product First Good Serial Number
** C200/C240 (US) US67350000
**B132L+/B180 (US) US67390000
** C200 (Europe) 3713G01000
** B180L (Europe) 3720G01000
** Note that many boards were fixed/replaced under a free replacement
** program. Assume a machine is only "suspect" until proven otherwise.
** "The pci_check program will also be available as application
** patch PHSS_12295"
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