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Documentation/java.txt: typo and grammar fixes

This fixes a typo and rearranges the sentence to make more sense.

Signed-off-by: Shaun Zinck <>
Signed-off-by: Adrian Bunk <>
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1 parent bc5b1d5 commit 59dd24d32cb379d8c2b9028dcea4ec951633eaf4 @szinck szinck committed with Adrian Bunk Oct 20, 2007
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@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ other program after you have done the following:
or the following, if you want to be more selective:
- Of cause you have to fix the path names. Given path/file names in this
+ Of course you have to fix the path names. The path/file names given in this
document match the Debian 2.1 system. (i.e. jdk installed in /usr,
custom wrappers from this document in /usr/local)

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