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ore: Fix out-of-bounds access in _ios_obj()

commit 9e62bb4 upstream.

_ios_obj() is accessed by group_index not device_table index.

The oc->comps array is only a group_full of devices at a time
it is not like ore_comp_dev() which is indexed by a global
device_table index.

This did not BUG until now because exofs only uses a single
COMP for all devices. But with other FSs like PanFS this is
not true.

This bug was only in the write_path, all other users were
using it correctly

[This is a bug since 3.2 Kernel]

Signed-off-by: Boaz Harrosh <>
Signed-off-by: Ben Hutchings <>
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1 parent 18fbe5a commit 922c97919db25e0950d180affa68d52af087a161 @bharrosh bharrosh committed with bwhacks Aug 1, 2012
Showing with 7 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +7 −7 fs/exofs/ore.c
14 fs/exofs/ore.c
@@ -837,11 +837,11 @@ static int _write_mirror(struct ore_io_state *ios, int cur_comp)
bio->bi_rw |= REQ_WRITE;
- osd_req_write(or, _ios_obj(ios, dev), per_dev->offset,
- bio, per_dev->length);
+ osd_req_write(or, _ios_obj(ios, cur_comp),
+ per_dev->offset, bio, per_dev->length);
ORE_DBGMSG("write(0x%llx) offset=0x%llx "
"length=0x%llx dev=%d\n",
- _LLU(_ios_obj(ios, dev)->id),
+ _LLU(_ios_obj(ios, cur_comp)->id),
_LLU(per_dev->length), dev);
} else if (ios->kern_buff) {
@@ -853,20 +853,20 @@ static int _write_mirror(struct ore_io_state *ios, int cur_comp)
(ios->si.unit_off + ios->length >
- ret = osd_req_write_kern(or, _ios_obj(ios, per_dev->dev),
+ ret = osd_req_write_kern(or, _ios_obj(ios, cur_comp),
ios->kern_buff, ios->length);
if (unlikely(ret))
goto out;
ORE_DBGMSG2("write_kern(0x%llx) offset=0x%llx "
"length=0x%llx dev=%d\n",
- _LLU(_ios_obj(ios, dev)->id),
+ _LLU(_ios_obj(ios, cur_comp)->id),
_LLU(ios->length), per_dev->dev);
} else {
- osd_req_set_attributes(or, _ios_obj(ios, dev));
+ osd_req_set_attributes(or, _ios_obj(ios, cur_comp));
ORE_DBGMSG2("obj(0x%llx) set_attributes=%d dev=%d\n",
- _LLU(_ios_obj(ios, dev)->id),
+ _LLU(_ios_obj(ios, cur_comp)->id),
ios->out_attr_len, dev);

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