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Revert "bcm2835-i2s: Enable MMAP support via a DT property"

Revert the i2s-mmap dt overlay (7ee829f).

Signed-off-by: DigitalDreamtime <>
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DigitalDreamtime authored and msperl committed Aug 11, 2016
1 parent fb5407e commit edb6f75acd10a9d8c5aa8bad3a0ffd34dc7bcf57
@@ -41,7 +41,6 @@ dtbo-$(RPI_DT_OVERLAYS) += i2c-rtc.dtbo
dtbo-$(RPI_DT_OVERLAYS) += i2c0-bcm2708.dtbo
dtbo-$(RPI_DT_OVERLAYS) += i2c1-bcm2708.dtbo
dtbo-$(RPI_DT_OVERLAYS) += i2s-gpio28-31.dtbo
dtbo-$(RPI_DT_OVERLAYS) += i2s-mmap.dtbo
dtbo-$(RPI_DT_OVERLAYS) += iqaudio-dac.dtbo
dtbo-$(RPI_DT_OVERLAYS) += iqaudio-dacplus.dtbo
dtbo-$(RPI_DT_OVERLAYS) += iqaudio-digi-wm8804-audio.dtbo
@@ -510,12 +510,6 @@ Load: dtoverlay=i2s-gpio28-31
Params: <None>

Name: i2s-mmap
Info: Enables mmap support in the bcm2708-i2s driver
Load: dtoverlay=i2s-mmap
Params: <None>

Name: iqaudio-dac
Info: Configures the IQaudio DAC audio card
Load: dtoverlay=iqaudio-dac,<param>

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