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; Copyright (c) 2020 Raspberry Pi (Trading) Ltd.
; SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
; Transmit a mono or stereo I2S audio stream as stereo
; This is 16 bits per sample; can be altered by modifying the "set" params,
; or made programmable by replacing "set x" with "mov x, y" and using Y as a config register.
; Autopull must be enabled, with threshold set to 32.
; Since I2S is MSB-first, shift direction should be to left.
; Hence the format of the FIFO word is:
; | 31 : 16 | 15 : 0 |
; | sample ws=0 | sample ws=1 |
; Data is output at 1 bit per clock. Use clock divider to adjust frequency.
; Fractional divider will probably be needed to get correct bit clock period,
; but for common syslck freqs this should still give a constant word select period.
; One output pin is used for the data output.
; Two side-set pins are used. Bit 0 is clock, bit 1 is word select.
; Send 16 bit words to the PIO for mono, 32 bit words for stereo
.program audio_i2s
.side_set 2
; /--- LRCLK
; |/-- BCLK
bitloop1: ; ||
out pins, 1 side 0b10
jmp x-- bitloop1 side 0b11
out pins, 1 side 0b00
set x, 14 side 0b01
out pins, 1 side 0b00
jmp x-- bitloop0 side 0b01
out pins, 1 side 0b10
public entry_point:
set x, 14 side 0b11
% c-sdk {
static inline void audio_i2s_program_init(PIO pio, uint sm, uint offset, uint data_pin, uint clock_pin_base) {
pio_sm_config sm_config = audio_i2s_program_get_default_config(offset);
sm_config_set_out_pins(&sm_config, data_pin, 1);
sm_config_set_sideset_pins(&sm_config, clock_pin_base);
sm_config_set_out_shift(&sm_config, false, true, 32);
pio_sm_init(pio, sm, offset, &sm_config);
uint pin_mask = (1u << data_pin) | (3u << clock_pin_base);
pio_sm_set_pindirs_with_mask(pio, sm, pin_mask, pin_mask);
pio_sm_set_pins(pio, sm, 0); // clear pins
pio_sm_exec(pio, sm, pio_encode_jmp(offset + audio_i2s_offset_entry_point));