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Raspberry Pi Moorabbin website

Instructions for adding content

  1. Blog posts inside _posts directory
  2. Pages inside _pages directory
  3. Images under assets/images directory
  4. Meetings under _meetings directory

Content uses Github flavoured Markdown

Development Tasks Remaining

  • Add previous and next month's monthly meetings to Meetings Calendar
  • Add REVEAL ALL/HIDE ALL button to Meetings Page
  • Add Search functionality (use Google CSE
  • Add SEO (Google Analytics)
  • Add Sitemap
  • On IPad screen size, center align text

Upcoming Articles

  1. Create your own custom Raspbian image (NOOBS, PiBakery, Ansible)
  2. Using Raspberry Pi as a VPN gateway
  3. Where to store IOT data
  4. Create SMS messages using Telstra SMS API
  5. Running VMs on Pi (Docker, Kubernetes)
  6. Cool Projects (CDTea)
  7. GPIO Zero and pigpio for remote GPIO control over the network
  8. Create Custom Dashboards (Pubnub, Keen Dashboards, Rickshaw)
  9. Boot off Ethernet using PXEboot (and use Ubuntu PC as the server, not another Raspberry Pi)
  10. Run Webserver from Home
  11. Screen scraping data in python