Node.js package for interfacing the Raspberry Pi add-on boards from
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Node.js package for interfacing Raspberry Pi add-on boards located at


$ npm install raspihats --save

I2C clock stretch timeout

It's important for the I2C clock stretch timeout to have the right value before issuing requests to a I2C-HAT, cd to 'node_modules/raspihats' and run the following command to set the right clock stretch timeout:

$ sudo npm run i2c_clks_timeout

I2C-HAT usage example

var raspihats = require('raspihats');
var DI6acDQ6rly = raspihats.i2cHats.DI6acDQ6rly;

var b = new DI6acDQ6rly(0x60);

// All the following methods will issue a request and get a response from the board over the I2C bus.
b.getName();                // reads board name
b.getFirmwareVersion();     // reads firmware version
//b.reset();                  // resets the board, wait at least 1ms after reset before issuing another request
b.getStatus();              // reads status word, bits [0: power on reset, 1: software reset, 2: watchdog reset]

// Digital Inputs
b.DI.getValue();            // read all digital input channels
b.DI.getChannel(0);         // read single digital input channel

// Digital Outputs
b.DQ.setValue(0x02);        // write all digital output channels
b.DQ.setChannel(0, true);   // write single digital output channel

b.DQ.getValue();            // read all digital output channels
b.DQ.getChannel(0);         // read single digital output channel

Release History

  • 1.0.0 Initial release

    Supported functionality:

    • Basic(read board name, read firmware version, read status word, reset)
    • Communication WatchDog(read/write period)
    • Digital Inputs(read value, read channel, read channel counter, reset channel counter)
    • Digital Outputs(read/write value, read/write channel, read/write PowerOnValue, read/write SafetyValue)

    Supported boards:

  • 1.1.0 Added DQ8rly

    Added boards:

  • 1.1.1 Small fix

    Modified exception message thrown if an unexpected board is found at the desired address.