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RasPiO Breakout
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RasPiO® Breakout Python scripts

By Alex Eames http://RasPi.TV

These scripts go with the RasPiO® Breakout board

RasPiO® Breakout board


Connect a wire from each port to an LED (long leg, +ve side). Connect the short leg of the LED to a resistor (~330 Ohms is safe) Connect the other end of the resistor to GND.

Do this for each port with a GPIO number (17 altogether). Then you are ready to test the ports. You should have 17 leds connected to GPIO ports and resistors.


Run each script by typing sudo python

With these scripts you should be able to...

  • - up and down pattern, increasing speed
  • - brighten and dim the leds in succession
  • - brighten and dim alternate sides
  • - brighten and dim alternate groups of leds


Have fun connecting things to your Raspberry Pi

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