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RasPiO® Breakout Pro Python scripts

By Alex Eames http://RasPi.TV

These scripts go with the RasPiO® Breakout Pro board

RasPiO® Breakout Pro board


Connect a wire from each port to an LED (long leg, +ve side). Connect the other end of the LED to GND.

With the RasPiO® Breakout Pro, you don't need a resistor for your LED as there is already one on the underside of the board.

Do this for each port with a GPIO number (17 altogether). Then you are ready to test the ports.


Run each script by typing sudo python

With these scripts you should be able to...

  • - up and down pattern, increasing speed
  • - brighten and dim the leds in succession
  • - brighten and dim alternate sides
  • - brighten and dim alternate groups of leds


Have fun connecting things to your Raspberry Pi