An implementation of CheerLights using an Arduino and Perl
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For background on CheerLights see:

There are some notes on my implementation here:

The CheerLights.pde file is an Arduino sketch you'll want to run on an Arduino-compatible microcontroller.

The Arduino will need to be connected to a computer with Internet access via USB.

The Perl script will loop forever (well, until you kill it, or it dies) and request the file at which will tell it the current color. The Perl script then sends a numeric code to the Arduino and the Arduino makes the ShiftBrite display that color. Simple!

On the Arduino side you will need the HughesyShiftBrite library:

On the Perl side you will need the Device::SerialPort and LWP::Simple modules.

To connect the ShiftBrite to the Arduino you just run its GND to the GND on the Arduino, the V+ to the 5V on the Arduino, and the run DI, LI, CI, EI to digital pins 10, 11, 12, 13 respectively, on the Arduino. Just 6 wires in total connected to the left side of the ShiftBrite. (See the file Connection.jpg)

This code is released under the GPL. 

Pete Prodoehl
Twitter: @raster