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Files and information about my FSL laser cutter running a Cohesion3D board...
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Cohesion3D Mini


RasterLaser is the (unofficial) name of my Laser Cutter.

It's an old Full Spectrum 4th Generation Series 40w Hobby Laser that I upgraded with a Cohesion3D Mini control board. (I also "upgraded" it with a 35 watt tube.) The cutting area is 368mm x 241mm, specified in LightBurn.

I wanted to drop my config.txt file here in case it's useful to others. (And now it's in version control for me, which is also helpful.)

There's a blog post here that walks through the upgrade:

If you want to do the same upgrade, check out the LaserBoard from Cohesion3D. It's basically a newer and much improved version of the Mini board I am using.

Pete Prodoehl

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